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Become a dealer!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Would you like to become a dealer of Tower Products Europe (TPE)?

TPE is looking for selected, exclusive dealers in the following segments: Sheetfed, Narrow web, Heatset, Coldset and Flexo printing.

Main products

Fountain solutions | washes | auxiliary products such as cleaners, conditioners and lubricants.

The products are recommended by printer manufacturers within the framework of their world wide “preferred partners” program. In every segment a Fogra or ISEGA certified solution is avilable.

Your revenues

· In the Netherlands we experienced a success-rate of 95% in converting/migrating customers from third-party pressroom chemistry to Tower chemistry.

· Benefit from TPE’s in-house R&D expertise to fine-tune the products for specific customer requirements and press brands.

Your advantages

· TPE enhances you with a complete product-line of fountains, washes and auxiliaries (like plate cleaners, roller paste, roller cleaners, pressroom cleaners, etc), that offer printers the ability to produce a better and predictable quality, be it on paper, plastic or packaging board.

· For the flexo-printing industry, TPE produces a full line of products from low VOC washes to world class anilox roller cleaners.

· Adding a good margin product, that also can open doors to other products/services.

· Adding a high performance and consistent quality product.

· Exclusive products with exclusive rights.

· Direct access to product development.

· TPE products contribute to increasing worker safety and environmental compliance.

Your customers’ benefits

· Improved press performance in each sheetfed format, from SM 52 till Rapida 205 and on all heatset and coldset presses.

· Sharper printing result and less paper waste.

· More stable printing process and less use of ink.

· Drastically reduced cleaning interval.

· Reduced picture framing.

· Increased operator safety and environmental compliance.

· If desired, IPA free printing can be achieved easily on every press.

Marketing tools

TPE will support your business with the following marketing tools:

· Personalized printed brochures in German and English.

· Digital brochures in local languages, on request.

· Sample products.

· Participation in local exhibition booth.

· Active LinkedIn support

· Content for your website

· Webshop.

· Give-aways.

Would you like to find out more?

Please contact us! We will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.


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