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​With the washes from Tower Products Europe, printers profit from long years of intensive product development and our comprehensive know-how.

User-safety and environmental compliance are of the highest importance. Our washes received over 25 OEM product approvals for automatic wash equipment and cleaning technologies, including FOGRA certifications.

Your advantages:

// User-safety

// Environmental compliance

// FOGRA certified

Conventional wash

UV/EB wash

Low VOC wash

FOGRA certified

Discovery Wash 1171 UV

Wash 5005

Infinity Wash HMK-1 WM

Infinity Wash HMK UV


Your technology


Sheetfed printing


Heatset printing


Coldset printing


Flexo printing


Narrow Web printing

What people say

René Rapmund

Mounthaan (NL)

I am very satisfied about the Millennium founts on our sheetfed and UV presses. Increased stability and  increased drying are big advantages.

Herman Warmenhoven

Van Oordt (NL)

We experience a lot of advantages using the Millennium founts:  clean pipes, faster cleaning of plates during start-up, the damping rollers stay clean much longer.

René Ponsteen

Drukkerij Ponsteen (NL)

We are very pleased with our IPA-free production. It is better for people and environment and we already comply with the coming laws and regulations.

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