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"Crystal clear and particularly satisfied with the printing result"

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Roggeband Printers in Breda switched to Tower Millennium 1000 fountain solution. The most important reason? Jeroen Roggeband: "We absolutely want to print with as little alcohol as possible. Health comes first here."

"Last September we switched to Tower Millennium 1000 fountain solution because our health is number one," he says. "You'll certainly have to make a little more effort at first, but the benefits of using Tower fountain solution outweigh the drawbacks. Financially, when you weigh up everything, we're even going to make progress."

Sharper text

Jeroen gives an example. "Recently, we ran an order just over 40,000 prints. There were tricky colours like violet and orange. We started with 40 percent moisture, but we ended up with between 55 and 65 percent for every order! I switched on the external filter and added about ten litres of fountain solution. It is crystal clear and I dare to say carefully that I am very satisfied with the printing result. Colours like Pantone Medium Purple and 286 are no problem. Moreover, the text is sharper."

After the successful trial period, Roggeband Printers will continue to use Tower Millennium 1000. "Once you can deliver high quality printed matter with these values, there is no reason to print with more alcohol. We will certainly continue on the path we have taken."


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