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Senefelder Misset produces alcohol-free with Tower press chemistry

Senefelder Misset in Doetinchem (NL) specialises in the production of magazines, periodicals and catalogues in large print runs. Magazines such as Story, Weekend and Elle roll off two 16-page, a 64-page and a 72-page rotary press. Senefelder Misset has been printing alcohol-free for years, a philosophy that has been taken to a higher level with the introduction of Wifac's Tower Millennium HSW-100 fountain solution.

Not every printer produces without the use of alcohol (IPA): after all, its addition to the fountain facilitates the printing process and - if you like - the work of the operators. However, the advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages, explains Olaf Schutz. First of all, IPA is quite expensive to buy and use, so you save a lot of money. Moreover, this type of solvent is harmful to the environment and to health." That's why Senefelder Misset has been phasing out the use of IPA since 1993.: " This does make it a little more difficult for the operator to get the ink/moisture balance right, for example. On the other hand, you get a sharper point on paper, more contrast and a nicer shine."


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