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FOGRA-certified: Millennium HSW-500EU

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Millennium HSW-500EU is a first class FOGRA-certified fountain solution for heatset web presses and contains a strong non-piling additive. Millennium HSW-500EU has a strong buffering system and will work well in various types of dampening systems to provide fast, clean restarts. This fountain solution is designed to maximize the performance of printers running all types of plates, printing inks and fountain systems.

This dedicated heatset fountain solution offers you the following extra benefits:

// Designed to increase operator safety and environmental compliance

// Fast restarts; reduces waste

// Reduced wash intervals

// FOGRA-certified

// Contains high technology wetting agent for reducing surface tension

By chosing Millennium HSW-500EU, the use of alcohol during the printing process can be reduced or eliminated. This enables printers to produce more successfully, efficiently, environmental-friendly and profitably.

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