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Outstanding: SmartFlex UV Flexo Cleaner

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Besides fountain solutions and general cleaning products, we produce a range of excellent cleaning products especially developed and designed for the flexographic industry, like Anilox cleaners, polymer plate cleaners, etc

We highlight the Tower SmartFlex UV flexo cleaner. This is an outstanding cleaning product for UV flexographic inks and other inks. Its’ low odor and effective formula rapidly cleans UV flexographic ink from plates and machinery.

The SmartFlex UV Flexo cleaner can be used by hand, in plate cleaning units and hot tank, Anilox units, etc. and can be mixed with water in different ratios.

Features & benefits:

// Very strong cleaning formulation.

// Will not damage rubber or photopolymer plates.

// Low solvent odor with a high flashpoint.

// Cleans solvent based UV as well as conventional flexographic inks.

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