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Tower Products earns FOGRA approval for Millennium HSW-500 EU heatset web fountain solution

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Tower Products Europe, manufacturer of environmentally sensitive pressroom chemistry, has obtained an approval from FOGRA for Millennium HSW-500 EU, a first class fountain solution that maximizes the performance of printers running all types of plates, inks and fountain systems.

FOGRA is a German-based, independent testing agency that performs testing for products used in the printing markets. Its approval confirms that Millennium HSW-500 EU succesfully passed the material resistance test for rubber and plastic materials, as defined by FOGRA. In the approval certificate is also stated that “Millennium HSW-500 EU fountain solution meets the specifications of the press manufacturers Koenig & Bauer Digital & Webfed AG & Co. KG and manroland Goss web systems GmbH.”

Millennium HSW-500 EU contains a high technology wetting agent for reducing surface tension. The product has a strong buffering system and will work well in various types of dampening systems to provide fast, clean restarts.

Perry Theijn, Sales & Application Director of Tower Products Europe, which uses fellow Dutch company Wifac B.V. to exclusively distribute its products in BENELUX, said: “Millennium HSW-500 EU is yet another Tower technology solution helping printers produce outstanding work for their customers, while complying with FOGRA standards. FOGRA-approved fountain solutions contribute to a controlled work environment. ”

Millennium HSW-500 EU, as well as other Tower dedicated pressroom solutions, are available through authorized Tower dealers and Tower Products Europe bv.


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