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Colours splash from the paper

Habo DaCosta produces alcohol-free with Tower Millennium HSW-100 fount and is enthusiastic

Habo DaCosta in Vianen (NL) is big in printing magazines. Geert-Jan de Vaal, web coordinator at Habo DaCosta in Vianen is a careful craftsman. "I want stability, but you have to improve from time to time. We put Tower on a web press and the colours splash from the paper."

Habo Da Costa strives for alcohol-free printing, or if that is not possible, printing with as little alcohol as possible. Customers demand that, legislation is heading in that direction and - importantly - it is much better for the health of the operators.

De Vaal: "besides these very good results, I am a little more cautious. It's not about that one good run, or those few orders with lower waste; it's about stable production over a long period, without alcohol. What does the fountain solution do to your rubber blanket? What about the contamination of the fountain solution? What does it mean for cleaning and maintaining the press?”


After three quarters of a year of operation, Habo Da Costa is still enthusiastic. De Vaal sums up the advantages. "We use less ink and less press chemistry. The damping system remains cleaner and the rubber blankets has to be washed after 60,000 copies, which number has been stretched. And - in these times of fierce price competition and rising paper prices not unimportant - the start-up waste has fallen to less than a thousand copies. That's immediate profit.”


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