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Jan Polmans of Grafigroep Zuid: "I am extremely enthusiastic."

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Grafigroep Zuid has three branches: in Nederweert, Eijsden and the printing company in Swalmen. The seventeen employees produce a varied package of printed matter and arrange everything for the customer: from design to stock management.

Chef Jan Polmans and operator Nico Geraedts are not only interested in the quality of the printed matter, but also in the quality of the environment and the health of the employees. "On our three presses in the A2-plus and A3-plus formats, we wanted to print alcohol-free for some time now. On the A2 press this was quite easy. The dampening rolls of the A3 presses are thinner, so we had more problems."

In May this year, the company started a test with Tower Millennium 1000 fountain solution. "After adjusting the dampening system, we achieved stable printing results, even without alcohol. The second press was a longer search," says Jan.

Nico Geraedts: "The use of good fountain solutions, such as those of Tower, is crucial. Because the rolls looked a bit glazed, we replaced the dampening system on the press. You have to set up the press properly from the start, but then you gain in stability and color strength. The number of waste sheets is reduced and it is of course healthier for operators to work without alcohol. Also the sceptical colleagues dealt with it." Sustainable production Clients do not specifically ask for alcohol-free printed matter, but they do consider it important that production is as sustainable as possible. Jan: "We print with organic inks and are ISO14001 certified. Recertification takes place every three years. Our environmental care system has been reassessed with 'good'. We are proud of that."

Advantages "Tower Products Europe has provided us with excellent advice," says Nico. "In my opinion, the switch to completely alcohol-free printing has been a success. Less waste sheets, higher color strength and increased stability. Which printer doesn't sign up for this?"


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